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What Are The Safe Sodium Levels In My Water?

January 22, 2024

Water is an essential element for our overall health and well-being. However, not all water is created equal, and one factor that can affect its quality is the sodium content. While sodium is necessary for bodily functions, excessive levels of sodium in water can be harmful. In this blog post, we will discuss the safe sodium levels in water to ensure that we consume water that is healthy and beneficial for our bodies. Understanding Sodium and its Role: Sodium is an electrolyte that plays a crucial role in maintaining fluid balance in our bodies. It helps regulate blood pressure, transmit... View Article

What Reverse Osmosis Systems Are Best For Well Water?

March 14, 2023

What Reverse Osmosis Systems Are Best For Well Water? Choosing a suitable RO system for your well might get rather overwhelming. Luckily, we are here to give you a thorough guide to the best options that you can choose from! 1. iSpring RCC7AK-UV iSpring makes some of the best RO systems for well water that are easy to install and will produce great tasting water. This system features a remineralization filter, UV filter and comes with an energy efficient booster pump. This reverse osmosis water filtration system has a smart flow sensor switch that turns on and off the UV light automatically... View Article

How Do I Know My Well Water Is Safe To Drink?

September 15, 2022

Not everyone gets their water from the public water supply. Due to location or preferences, some households rely on private wells to secure that valuable natural resource. Your household may also be dependent on a private well. If that is the case, you should sign up for private well water testing if you haven’t already. Why is testing the water in your private well so important? You’ll learn the answer to that question by continuing with the rest of this article. Assessing Your Drinking Water Is Not That Simple It’s not hard to figure out why getting your well water... View Article

How Often Should Your Water Well Be Checked?

July 10, 2019

If you live in a rural or exurban area, there’s a strong likelihood that you rely on a well to supply your home with safe, clean and accessible drinking water. There are a number of benefits associated with drawing your water from a well—for example, you’re not dependent on municipal infrastructure, and you can customize water filtration in Columbia, TN to meet your unique needs. It’s important to understand, however, that water wells are complicated pieces of infrastructure that require a certain level of care and attention. You should plan on testing your water well at least once a year.... View Article

Amoebas in Water and Their Nasty Effects

July 13, 2018

Do you know what is hiding in your water? Everything from harmless microorganisms to deadly disease could be swarming within the water without anyone ever noticing. In the United States, three people died in 2016 after they developed a brain-eating amoeba. The deadly infection developed after they became exposed to the amoeba Naegleria fowleri through a warm body of freshwater, such as a lake or river. Swimmers could be putting themselves at risk of exposure to this life-threatening disease without ever knowing it. Unfortunately, it is incredibly rare that anyone suffering from brain-eating amoeba will survive the infection. Here’s what... View Article

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