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Understanding the Cause of Sulfur Smell in Well Water

October 30, 2023

If you notice a distinct odor of sulfur in your well water, you’re not alone. Many well water users encounter this issue, and it can be quite off-putting. The presence of sulfur in your well water can give it an unpleasant odor, and in some cases, even a foul taste. But why does this happen? The Culprit: Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria The most common cause of a sulfur smell in well water is sulfate-reducing bacteria. These bacteria thrive in environments with little to no oxygen and use sulfates as their energy source. When these bacteria consume sulfates, they produce hydrogen sulfide gas,... View Article

What Happens When My Well Water Has Tested Positive For Organic and Tannins?

October 23, 2023

Tannins in well water are natural organic compounds that come from decaying vegetation and can be found in shallow wells or in areas with high levels of organic matter in the ground. These compounds give well water a yellowish or brownish color and can also cause a bitter or astringent taste. Tannins can also stain fixtures and clothing and leave residue on dishes and glasses. Effects on Water Quality Although tannins in well water do not pose any health risks, they can have a significant impact on water quality. The discoloration caused by tannins can make water appear unappetizing, especially... View Article

What’s Water Well Rehabilitation?

June 29, 2023

What’s Water Well Rehabilitation? Water wells are essential for providing clean and reliable drinking water to homes, businesses, and communities. However, over time, wells can suffer from wear and tear, leading to a decrease in performance and effectiveness. That’s where water well rehabilitation comes in. Water well rehabilitation is the process of restoring and improving the performance of a well by cleaning and repairing the wellbore and other critical components. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what water well rehabilitation entails, why it’s necessary, and some of the key benefits it provides. Why is Water Well... View Article

Well Water And The Meaning Of Deep Well Maintenance

May 29, 2023

Well Water And The Meaning Of Deep Well Maintenance Well water is a precious resource that households in rural areas have access to. Unlike city water, it can have a distinct flavor and can be high in minerals that affect taste and appearance. To ensure that you have clean, safe, and refreshing well water, you need to practice deep well maintenance. In this blog post, we will look at the meaning of deep well maintenance and why it is crucial. What is deep well maintenance? Deep well maintenance entails a series of actions taken to ensure that your well is... View Article

What Are The Signs You Have Hard Water From Your Well?

May 1, 2023

What Are The Signs You Have Hard Water From Your Well? If you have a well for your home, chances are that you have hard water. It won’t hurt you to drink it, but it does come with a variety of unpleasant problems. The main problem is that hard water leaves a white residue or mineral buildup on dishes, faucets, and shower doors. This can make cleaning your home more difficult and wear out equipment and appliances much faster. Scale Buildup Water that is high in calcium, magnesium and iron can build up scale in the water. This can cause spots,... View Article

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