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What’s the Best Water Softener for Well Water?

March 2, 2022

Finding the right water softener for your home is a big decision. This is especially true if you rely on well water, which can have high levels of iron buildup. Picking the right water softener can reduce the amount of iron in your drinking water as well as eliminate a range of minerals and contaminants. Read on to find out what to consider when searching for water conditioning systems. Budget When you begin looking at water softeners, you’ll notice that these range from a couple of hundred bucks to a few thousand dollars. The higher-end models will have fancy features... View Article

The Best Water Conditioning Systems and Water Softeners for Well Water with Iron

December 3, 2021

Water hardness is unlikely to be hazardous to a person’s health, but there are other undesirable results associated with water hardness that make it beneficial for property owners to soften and condition the water. Thankfully, water conditioning systems are available to help. If left unchecked, water hardness could result in limescale buildup inside plumbing fixtures and appliances, cause poor performance of soaps and detergents and result in spotting on dishes and other items being washed. If you’re looking to gift yourself a water softener this holiday season, we’ve got a list of several of the best water softeners you’ll find... View Article

The Best Water Softener for Hard Water

August 19, 2021

When it comes to water conditioning systems, consumers have multiple options. Which is the best choice? As with a lot of things, the answer is, “It depends.” There are many factors that you should weigh as you choose water conditioning systems for your property. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of water conditioning systems: Salt-based water softeners: These are the most common water conditioning systems. They are typically appropriate for most homes, from small condos to mansions. They operate using an ion-exchange system which removes heavy minerals from your water, so it does not damage fixtures,... View Article

Hard Water: How to Ditch the Itch

July 5, 2021

While having a well water system works for many people who live in more rural areas, it presents its own set of unique challenges. One of those challenges is dealing with hard water. Hard water is so named because it contains excessive amounts of minerals and metals like calcium, magnesium and iron. And while your well water system filters out any physical sediment, your water still needs to be treated or softened. Because of the effects hard water can have on your appliances and your skin, you’ll need to employ a water softening system. How hard water affects your skin... View Article

Is Hard Water Bad for Your Health?

May 6, 2021

Unless you have a water softener system installed in your home, hard water is probably coming from your faucets. There is a higher percentage of certain minerals found in hard water, including magnesium and calcium. Some people have taken the presence of these minerals to mean that hard water is bad for your health, although this usually isn’t the case. Drinking hard water and using it for showers is perfectly safe, and is actually more beneficial than soft water in certain cases. Read on to learn more about the health effects of hard water and how it might be affecting... View Article

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