Prepare Your Pool for Summer with Electric Motor Repair in Columbia, TN

June 1, 2016

Summer is finally here, which means backyard cookouts, block parties and hitting the pool. But before you open your pool up for the season, it’s important to make sure that it is completely clean and in perfect working order.

Here is a quick checklist to help you with pool readiness and electric motor repair in Columbia, TN:

  • Check all chemicals: Before you officially open your pool, you need to be sure the chemicals you have on hand are at the proper levels. You might need to purchase more before the pool is ready to be used. Never use chemicals that have expired or been stored without being sealed completely.
  • Clean the pool area: This includes not just the pool itself, but also the surrounding deck and cover. Before you remove the pool cover, make sure any debris around the area is completely removed so it will not be swept into the pool, as this will only add extra time to your cleaning processes. Additionally, cleaning the deck first also helps you to avoid puncturing the cover with twigs or stones.
  • Store the cover properly: The cover can be laid out in an open area to be cleaned, and then allowed to air dry before you either fold it or roll it to put it into storage. Folding up a wet pool cover can cause mildew to form, which will drastically reduce the cover’s life.
  • Take out all plugs: All pools should have expansion or freeze plugs in place to protect their integrity during winter months. Some pools are winterized with antifreeze, in which case you must lower the water level below inlets in the pool before removing the plugs so you can properly drain the antifreeze.
  • Fill the pool after making all connections: Once you have connected all pool equipment—including filter, pump, heater, etc.—you can feel free to fill the pool back up with water. This can be done with a garden hose. Add the water until it reaches either midway to the waterline tile or to the middle of the skimmer. While this is happening, fish out any debris in the leaf basket or anything else that may have fallen into the pool during this time, and attach other equipment like diving boards, rails and ladders.
  • Perform final checks: Start up the filtration system just to make sure it works, and look for any faults in the pumps. You can then test the water, allowing it first to circulate for a couple days to mix up old and new water before you check the chemistry. Run the filtration system again just to make one more check that the water is clean, then you’re ready to go!

It’s important to follow all of these steps to ensure your pool is clean and in good condition for a full summer of fun. For more information about cleaning and maintaining pools and about services such as electric motor repair in Columbia, TN, contact our team today at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair.

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