Prevent Your Pool Pump from Failing: Tips from Specialists on Water Pump Replacement in Columbia, TN

June 15, 2016

Nothing can ruin the fun of a hot summer’s day like a broken pool pump. Instead of being able to dive into the water and cool off, you’re suddenly finding yourself searching for companies that can assist with water pump replacement in Columbia, TN.

There are fortunately some steps you can take to help prevent pool pumps from breaking. However, in some cases, you need to be able to decipher the symptoms to determine what the actual issue is. Here are some common pool pump problems and how you can prevent or resolve them:

  • The pump is not pulling water: If the pump is not actually moving any water, your first step should be to check the pump baskets and skimmer to make sure they are empty. If they are clogged, this would restrict water flow. To prevent clogs from occurring, make sure you’re regularly checking these areas and safely removing any debris that builds up in them. Another cause could be an air leak in the suction line, which stops pumping from occurring. Air leaks can be prevented through regular pool maintenance, but fixes could get more complicated, including entire unit replacements.
  • The pump is leaking water: Leaks inside a pump usually occur on the pressure side, after the lint pot. Causes are varied, and could include bad thread sealants, poor shaft seals, damaged threads on discharge pipes and any number of other causes. You may need to replace seals or pipes to solve the leak. Again, the best way to prevent this problem from occurring, like any pool problem, is to engage in regular maintenance, especially before you get your pool up and running for the season.
  • The motor dies of its own accord: There are many problems that could cause seemingly random motor failure. You’ll want to first check your breaker and your timer, to make sure the pump is turning on at the appropriate times. If the motor is making a humming sound, the capacitor could be failing. If the motor is actually running but just eventually stops, it could be overheating. Overheating is the easiest problem to prevent—simply run your pump at night when it is cooler, and make sure all motor fans are cleared of dirt and leaves. Other problems also benefit from regular maintenance and checks, and are more likely to require repairs.
  • The motor is making an unusually loud noise: Loud noises are almost never good. If it’s a rattling sound, check to make sure there are no rocks or other debris inside. It could also be caused by vibrations on top of a pad. You could slide a piece of rubber to stop the noise, and also make regular checks to ensure no debris is getting inside the system.

Keep your pool in tip top shape at all times! For more information about water pump replacement in Columbia, TN, reach out to the specialists at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair today and start enjoying your pool with confidence.

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