Preventing the Need for Water Pump Repair in Columbia, TN

July 15, 2016

Many homeowners fail to perform preventative maintenance on their well pumps. This often leads to expensive water pump repair in Columbia, TN, and even a lack of access to needed water for hours, if not days. There are steps you can take as a homeowner to keep your pump functioning and decrease the chance of an emergency. Here are five maintenance tips you should consider for the long-term functioning of your pump:

  • Arrange for mechanical inspections: Your well pump professionals cannot help you if you do not call them. Every year, call one of us to inspect your water pump. The inspection will include a full system check, including the pressure switch, as well as a performance check of the pump and motor. We will also go over the efficiency of the pump and check any seals. This will frequently catch serious problems before they compromise your system.
  • Do not forget a bacteria test: While this involves water quality and safety, it can also affect your pump by causing contamination that leads to extensive (and expensive) cleaning procedures. Check for bacteria anytime you notice changes in the taste, color or smell of the water. This is normally done on a routine basis every three to five years, but if you do not remember the last time you tested your water, complete this process as soon as possible.
  • Clean out deposits: Run cleaners through the system in order to prevent deposits and clogs. This is often associated with uncontrolled bacteria, which emphasizes the need for these regular tests. If there is a sudden change of water pressure, that can be due to motor efficiency or the presence of deposits. Address those problems as they arise so you can prevent a catastrophic failure later. Sometimes, it is as simple as clearing debris, and other times, you will need to call someone to repair the pump motor.
  • Prevent power surges, if possible: Consider installing a backup generator or alternative power source in case of power surges. Depending on the nature of an outage, an event can overwhelm circuits and cause failure. If you cannot install an additional power source, consider powering down your pump when the chances of a surge are high. While this will limit access to water, it is better to suffer this for the short term than risk long-term consequences from losing your pump entirely.
  • Know your system: There may be times when you need to power down your pump or start it up again. Sometimes, you will need to clear debris from the well screen. Basically, you need to know your system so you can spot problems and even deal with some of them before they escalate. Also, be aware of when something is beyond your capabilities and call a well pump professional when needed.

Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair is available to assist you if you require water pump repair in Columbia, TN. Call us today to take advantage of our 40 years of experience with wells and water pumps.

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