Contaminants That Justify Water Filtration in Columbia, TN

August 15, 2016

Water filtration helps improve well water. If you have a well, you may notice your water tastes slightly funky, or your guests may be unnerved after seeing sediment float around in it. In rare cases, the water may cause stomach upset due to minerals and bacteria. When you discover any of these conditions, water filtration in Columbia, TN is your best solution. Here are some of the conditions it can remove:

  • That funky taste: A common complaint is odd metallic taste. Also, water can smell strongly of chlorine or particular minerals. The granular activated chlorine in water filters can neutralize these conditions. You may have cloudy water for the first couple of weeks, but you will also notice a better taste and no odor. If you need a short term or less expensive option, install a faucet filter in your kitchen for ready drinking water straight from the tap.
  • Sediment: Rust and other particles often arise from your pipes and fixtures. If you purchased an older home, it could be time to update the plumbing. However, you can also witness sediment if you drilled a new well and dirt entered your source. The filtration system will help these conditions. However, if your water tests for clear water iron, you will need a water conditioning system, too. Otherwise, you will find red stains in toilets and bathtubs.
  • Parasites: When you collect water from the ground, bacteria and parasites are likely. Most will cause simple stomach upset, but some can be very dangerous. Often times, the presence of parasites indicates cross contamination between the well tank and septic system, meaning you will need to call someone in for immediate repairs. However, there are some bacteria types that pollute even chlorinated municipal water. Adding a specialized filter to your system will combat these creatures.
  • Lead: This is likely the most dangerous contaminant in your water. Fortunately, it usually has nothing to do with your well. Lead sources are often traced to pipe condition in your home rather than your water source itself. If your home was built before 1986, there is a chance that your pipes are joined with lead solder, and now they are deteriorating. Adding a lead filter to your fixtures will remove the lead content, even if you have lead pipes. Even municipal water sources can be lead-contaminated, so test your water right away if you are concerned.

There are many filtration choices available. Whole house filters can be installed at your main line at the well pump house to combat anything that entered your water at the source. Under-sink filters in your kitchen and bathroom work great if you have lead pipes or other outdated plumbing. Faucet-mounted filters in your kitchen provide a ready source of better tasting drinking water so you do not have to invest in bottled water.

Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair will enthusiastically install a system for water filtration in Columbia, TN to help your well water taste better. Call us today to learn about our products and receive an installation estimate.

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