Preparing for Installation of Water Well Systems in Columbia, TN

August 1, 2016

Water well systems are frequently required on rural properties. When installation day arrives, you are in for a long day of disruption. Fortunately, there are steps you can complete before that day to make construction easier on everybody and save money in the long run. Here is what you should do to prepare for the installation of water well systems in Columbia, TN:

  • Make sure permits are in order: Depending on your system demands, you may require a permit. If you hire a contractor to perform this work, find someone knowledgeable who will not skip this vital requirement. Ask about permits not only to receive reassurance, but also to anticipate the expense.
  • Find the best location before you build: If you have not already built your home or commercial building, locate the well before you start. The place where you planned to have a front porch may turn out to be the best access point to your underground water source. Ask your contractor to drill and find the best supply. If your home is already there, avoid making plans for landscaping or additions until the well is located.
  • Test water suitability: Some wells produce water that will never be potable no matter how much filtration you add. If you hire a contractor, find someone who will test the water before you put in a big construction effort. You also want to assure that the water source will provide enough to cover your everyday hygienic needs, seasonal use (like filling pools or washing cars), fire protection and any agricultural needs, including watering crops and providing water to animals. If there is a chance that you may need to drill a second well in the future, spend more time exploring the property for the best source possible.
  • Assure accessibility: Another factor to consider is the location of the pump house. You need to have access for repairs, testing, cleaning and treatment. If your land has awkward slopes that make drilling or access difficult, you may have to invest in grading and other landscaping. All of this needs to be considered in your budget when it is time to install a well system.
  • Planning the location of other resources: Your well needs to be 200 feet from the cesspool, five feet from your property boundary and at least 200 feet from any landfills or compost piles. If you are also installing a septic tank, that needs to be 50 feet away. Never plan a well in isolation without considering other resources you may need. Not only do you risk an unsanitary situation, but you could be in violation of local zoning laws as well.
  • Prepare to install additional features: Wells may produce mildly contaminated or hard water. Most of the time, it is perfectly safe, but you may not like the metallic taste or how it feels against your skin. It is not uncommon to add a filtration and conditioning system so the water is easier to manage. Including these in your budget will help you plan better.

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