Need Water Well Service & Repair in Columbia, TN? Here Are Five Things to Inspect or Pay Attention To

October 1, 2016

If your newly purchased property has a private well on it, then make sure you maintain it and schedule water well service and repair in Columbia, TN when needed. With that in mind, here are five things you should inspect or pay attention to.

Get an inspection if you can’t find records

First, whether or not there are records showing regular water well inspections and maintenance, new homeowners should call in the professionals to thoroughly check their private well. This is also a good time to find out the age of your well so you can decide if a new well installation is best. In some cases, the time between the last well inspection and now could be several years. In others, the maintenance records may be non-existent or incomplete. You are the new property owner, so start keeping detailed records now.

Check parts for damage

The visible parts of your water well are more prone to damage than the protected or in-ground components. And since you can see them, check the wellhead, well cap, well casing and well covering, then look closely at seals and all the connectors for signs of damage, like loosening or corrosion. Also check the structure that encases the well.

Consider that there may be nearby sources of contamination

Let’s say that you are unfamiliar with having a well on-site. You may not know there are dangers possibly lurking in your soil, and therefore, the water in your well could be at risk. This includes your indoor water for drinking, showering and washing dishes and clothes, as well as the outdoor water source for landscaping purposes. Yes, it’s possible to contaminate your water when you use pesticides and fertilizers too close to your water well system. But did you know that runoff from your neighbors’ septic tank and cattle farms can also pose a risk of contamination?

Get your water tested

Even if your property is situated on a peak, it’s important that you get your water tested once a year. But don’t wait if you suspect water contamination.

Signs of contaminated water are bad smelling and foul tasting water, water that is any color but clear and visible particles in the water. Also, after a crazy storm, you may have a flooded well. Communicating with your neighbors is a great way to be in the know, because if a neighbor finds something wrong with their water source or their water is found to be contaminated, they are likely to let you know to get yours tested, too.

Inspect the well pump

It’s not completely unusual for a private well’s water pressure to seem low for a short time during and after a violent storm. But should you experience long-term low water pressure or a lack of running water, call in a water well professional. Other things to watch for are strange sounds coming from the well pump, and a struggling pump.

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