Remember These Tips to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repair in Columbia, TN

October 15, 2016

The majority of the population is on a city water source, hooked up to a shared water pipe system. But others, like folks living in rural areas or in older towns, use private wells situated on their private property. To ensure your well remains free of problems, and to avoid the need for costly well pump repair in Columbia, TN, remember the following tips:

  • Be on the lookout for contamination: For those who live on a property with a private well, cross-contamination of dangerous chemicals and solutions is a real threat. Water sources inside your home use the same well water as the outside, so be vigilant when mixing any chemicals. For example, keep the hose from making direct contact with any fertilizers or pesticides. But garden hose-to-well contact is not the only way to fall victim to water contamination. A weakened or damaged in-ground well installation can also be a cause, as cracks can let in harmful chemicals that have leached into the soil.
  • Conduct regular well maintenance checks: Just because you do not taste or smell anything strange in your drinking water doesn’t mean you should skip regular well checks. Well maintenance is of dire importance, especially when it’s the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure everything is working right and that the water is healthy to drink, bathe in and water plants. Visual well checks are also the best time to locate any underground pipe leaks, as well as to test for bad bacteria lurking in your water.
  • Do yard work with caution: Your well pump is not the only thing that must be in good condition. There are many components of your water well that need to work together in order to provide your property with good quality water, and for your system to continue to work efficiently. It is because of these other well parts that it’s important that you mow the lawn and do other outdoor work with caution. When using lawn mowers, digging tools and ground-working machinery near any section of your well system, be aware of shallow pipes and water well casings, which usually stick up out of the ground.
  • Avoid using hazardous chemicals too close to wells: Damage to your well installation—like cracks and holes in piping and pump malfunction—require immediate repairs or replacements. If left unfixed, these can act as entry points for dangerous chemicals, including garden fertilizers, pesticides, motor vehicle oil, household cleaners and paint thinner. But, whether a well is damaged or not, using chemicals in the immediate areas around a well can lead to water contamination, as liquids can seep into the soil and possibly into your well.
  • Schedule a professional inspection: As a homeowner, definitely perform regular well checks from season to season, but it would be wise to invest in professional annual inspections, too. This way an expert can quickly identify problems, run bacteria tests on the water and perform any needed repairs or parts replacement.

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