Why Properly Constructed Wells Are an Integral Part of Water Well Service and Repair in Columbia, TN

October 27, 2016

The foundation of a structure is critical to proper operation, and this is no different with the construction of water wells. If the workmanship is substandard from the outset, you will find yourself quickly needing water well service and repair in Columbia, TN.

The importance of a properly constructed well

If your private water well has any physical deficiencies, your entire water system could be compromised. If annual sealing and maintenance is ignored and cracks begin to present themselves in the foundation of your well, your water could be exposed to harmful contaminants that could negatively affect the health of those in your home.

The protective cap is another important piece of well construction that help keep the water clean, and if this cap is out of place or is missing altogether, it will need to be replaced right away. It is also important that both the well casing and the surface casing built around the well are sound. If there are any weaknesses, pollutants can easily find this opening and will then have the opportunity to permeate a clean water supply, even if the well itself is in good condition.

One of the most important facets of well construction, though, is the location of the well. Location is everything, and if the well is located too close to a septic system, animal feeding areas or any other potential contamination source, your well could be at risk. A well that is poorly constructed will ultimately limit yield and efficiency, and you could end up spending a lot of money on a failing system.

What should you do with an improperly constructed well that fails?

If your system is beyond repair and you have to begin construction of a new well, what you do with the abandoned well will be just as important. The location should again be taken into consideration so that the problems and insufficiencies that corroded the previous well are not passed on to the new construction. Because the likelihood of the spread of contamination is so high, it is a necessity that unused wells be sealed off completely, and undergo shock chlorination to kill off any lingering bacteria that might still pose a threat to any other wells in the area.

Not only does this complete abandonment of the well prevent any further damage, it also helps restore the groundwater to the quality level that existed before the well was deemed unserviceable. It is also important to note that, because of the health risks that are associated with contaminated water, some states have laws that mandate that all abandoned wells be sealed. So in addition to being safe, filling and sealing an unused well also serves as legal protection for you and your land.

If you notice cracks or any other inadequacies in the foundation of your well, you will need to hire a professional for water well service and repair in Columbia, TN right away. Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair can determine if your well can be serviced or needs to be abandoned, and can help you prepare for the next steps in the process. Give us a call and set up an appointment today.

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