Knowing Which Pump You Need Can Help You Avoid Well Pump Repair in Columbia, TN

November 10, 2016

If your water well pump is no longer serviceable and you need to have a new one installed, it is important to make sure you find the right one. An incorrectly matched pump will only last a short time, and you will be right back where you started, seeking well pump repair in Columbia, TN. Here are a few factors to pay attention to when selecting a replacement pump to make sure it will last.

Know your well depth

The depth of your well will be one of the most important factors to consider when determining which pump is best. A basic aboveground shallow well pump with a one-way check valve will suffice if your well is 25 feet deep or less. Because the distance the water has to travel to reach your home isn’t too large, this no-frills pump that requires minimal maintenance would be a functional option. A deep well jet pump is best suited for any well that is between 25 and 110 feet. This type of pump features an above ground pumping system as well, but adds a second pipe in the design to support the increase in depth.

If your well is deeper than 110 feet, a deep well submersible pump should be used in order to access all of the water efficiently. The intricate design allows the pump to work while completely immersed in the water, which will be critical for extraction because the water is so far underground. Although a deep well jet pump could conceivably be used at these larger depths, because the pump pulls water instead of pushing it up from within, the pump will be more susceptible to malfunction as a result of overexertion.

Determining the right size

The size of your home, along with the number of family members living there, will have a direct influence on how much water will be needed, and subsequently the size of the pump that you select. A great way to get a preliminary gauge on the size of the pump that you will need is by adding one GPM (gallons per minute) for all of the faucets and appliances in your home that need water access. For example, a home with a dishwasher, refrigerator, laundry machine and four faucets would need a pump that can sustain at least 7 GPM. It is important that the horsepower of your new pump matches the demand, as well, because too much can cause inefficiency, while not enough can lead to a motor that blows from overuse.

Examining the well report can also be a good resource for relevant information when you are searching for a replacement pump. If you need additional help with your well pump repair in Columbia, TN, give the experts at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair a call right away. Our licensed team will diagnose any problems you might be having, and can help with repairs or installation of a new pump depending on your specific needs. We look forward to assisting you!

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