Three Ways to Avoid Water Pump Replacement in Columbia, TN

January 3, 2017

Hiring a plumbing service to fix your water pump can be really expensive. Just like any type of repair, parts can cost a lot of money, and the contractor’s service fees can be costly, too—especially if it’s an emergency repair. If your problem gets so large that your water pump needs to be completely replaced, you could be staring at a very expensive bill.

While a good water pump should last you a long time, possibly even 25 years or more, they can break down if they aren’t taken care of properly. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to keep your pump operating at 100 percent efficiency throughout its lifespan. Check out some of these easy steps you can take to avoid total water pump replacement in Columbia, TN:

  • Have regular water pump maintenance: You wouldn’t let your car go years without getting an oil change or inflating its tires, would you? It’s good practice to keep your water well and water pump maintained on a regular basis, just like you would your car. Well and pump maintenance requires treating the water for any diseases and flushing the whole system once every few years. Spot inspections are also a good idea for anyone looking to keep a healthy pump for years on end. Don’t try to do any maintenance by yourself. Unless you’re a professional, you most likely don’t know what you’re doing when working on your water pump, so we advise you to steer clear of the DIY approach. Contact us to do a full maintenance service of your pump.
  • Don’t let water pump problems persist for too long: Water pumps don’t usually break down suddenly all at once. Often there are warning signs leading up to the grand finale—or, rather, the not-so-grand finale of a broken pump. The first thing you’ll probably notice if your water pump is failing is a decrease in your water pressure. Of course, a lack of water pressure could be a sign of several other problems. So, if you’re experiencing less water pressure than you’re used to, contact us! If your water pump is sucking in dirt or other debris from the ground, your water is going to be discolored; it may be brown or rust-colored. If you notice gross looking water coming out of your faucets, call for service before water pump replacement in Columbia, TN is required. A failing water pump is nothing to mess around with. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime you notice strange noises, either, as this is another sign that your pump is failing.
  • Treat your pump with respect: This one goes along with maintenance, but it’s necessary to treat your water pump with kindness. Make sure your pump remains free from debris (to the best of your ability), and keep it properly maintained.

If you’ve made a mistake in not taking precautions regarding your water pump, fear not! Contact Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair today to find out how our expert technicians can replace your water pump for a lot less money than our competitors.

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