Making the Transition from the City Water Supply to Water Well Systems in Columbia, TN

March 16, 2017

There are many reasons why someone who has used a municipal water system for many years might make the decision to go to private water well systems in Columbia, TN. You might be moving to a home in an area where this is the only option available, or you might just want to go off the grid and control your family’s water supply yourself. Going from a system in which everything was taken care of for you to one that you have to monitor yourself is a big change, and there are some common questions that typically come to mind for many who are thinking of making the transition.

Is well water safe to drink?

One of the first things anyone making the transition to a well system wants to know is whether the water will be safe to drink. In order to make a municipal system’s water supply safe, many chemicals are used to kill the contaminants that would otherwise make the water unsafe for consumption. If you are using a well system, your water can be safe and drinkable as well, but you will similarly have to make sure that the water remains contaminant-free on your own. As long as you remain current with your inspections, test the water regularly for any threats and properly monitor the condition of your well’s structure, your water too should remain safe to drink.

Can my well run dry?

Many of those making the transition have never before given much thought to their water supply, and are worried that at some point the well will run dry and their family will be left without access to safe, clean water. If you begin to notice that the water pressure in your home isn’t as strong as normal, the water in your well may be running low. Once the water within a well goes below the pump, it is technically considered to be dry, but the aquifers in the system are designed to naturally replenish the water.

Most wells that are in good condition and have been properly dug won’t experience this issue, but if this does happen, there is no need to panic. By simply reducing your water usage for a few days, you can give the system time to restore itself organically. Once the water in the well has risen back to normal operating levels and the water pressure in your home has been reestablished, you can again use your water supply as you normally would.

Going from a city supplied water system to private water well systems in Columbia, TN is undoubtedly a big switch, but routine testing and proper maintenance can help you make the transition seamlessly. For help in determining whether this type of switch would benefit your family, seek the professional opinions of the staff at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we can be counted on to provide valuable information to help your family make the transition.

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