The History of Electric Motors and Electric Motor Repair in Columbia, TN

August 30, 2017

With applications that range from household use to industrial purposes, electric motors are the basis of a wide variety of commonly used equipment and machinery. Almost everywhere you go, you are bound to encounter electric motors being used for a myriad of purposes. Electric motors can be used to power disk drives, power tools, home appliances, industrial blowers, machine tools and more.

While it’s an integral aspect of many different industries and applications today, we haven’t always had access to electric motor technology. In fact, it wasn’t until almost two centuries ago that a viable electric motor design was developed for use. Although this early invention was a far cry from the kinds of technologically advanced motors that we have today, it played an important foundation for the development of this commonly utilized piece of machinery.

The first electric motor

While the invention of the first electric motor came after the invention of the battery, it preceded the first generator. There had been basic devices developed that achieved motion through the use of electromagnetic fields pioneered by Joseph Henry and Michael Faraday, but these had not been considered sophisticated enough to actually offer any functional performance. The first electric motor that could be useful for performing tasks was invented by Thomas Davenport in 1834. This design was capable of powering a model-sized trolley on a track, among other things. Although the trolley powered by Davenport’s original motor was only a model, electric trolleys, first introduced in the 1850s, were one of the first notable applications of this technology.

The early electric motor models were significant, not necessarily for their ability to perform, but more so for the foundation that they laid for future technological development. Beginning in the 1860s, some generators began to be developed based on the electric motors developed in the 1830s. Even though batteries had been developed previously, they were not a reliable source of power on a large scale. The development of the generator allowed for electricity to expand into an industry that could serve the power needs of society as a whole.

Seek professional electric motor repair in Columbia, TN

You don’t have to be a history buff to get plenty of use out of electric motor technology. In fact, if you have a home or business that utilizes a pumped well system as a primary source of water, you probably rely on the proper functioning of your electric motor on a daily or even hourly basis. To keep your motor in the best shape possible and to ensure that you are getting the highest level of performance from your water well, contact the team at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair. We have years of experience dealing with electric motor repair in Columbia, TN, and we continue to strive to provide each of our customers with the best service possible. If you want to find out more information about electric motors, or wish to get started with service from our expert team, simply give us a call today.

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