The Future Is Electric!

September 13, 2017

As technology continues to develop, automation has gradually become a more common and continuously expanding reality of living in the digital age. From the smallest fan to heavy equipment and tools, electric motors are one of the fundamental building blocks for some of the most common pieces of equipment that we encounter on a daily basis. The prevalence of electric motors has maintained a steady trajectory, and it continues to gain momentum throughout different industries and applications.

One particularly strong area of growth for electric-powered design is in the automotive industry. As we hear more and more about electric-powered vehicle motors featured in new car catalogues and displayed at trade shows, we begin to see just how innovative electric automotive technology can really be.

Battery-powered vehicles on the scene

The automotive industry is an ever-changing field that has continued to maintain a strong base of consumers through an ever-adapting product line that continues to evolve based on the needs, wants and demands of drivers. While many car manufacturers are drifting away from the traditional trade show model for introducing new vehicles and are implementing social media and other marketing strategies, there is a clear emphasis on hybrid and electric technology.

This trend can be seen at the Paris Motor Show, one of the most popular auto shows in the world. Among the car models that were unveiled during the show last year was an electric car that was designed to appeal to the everyday commuter. Renault, a French manufacturer, showed off the Zoe—an electric car with a range of 250 miles. American manufacturers have also been developing longer-range electric cars like the Chevrolet Bolt or the Tesla Model 3, all designed for daily use by the average driver.

Chevrolet, Tesla and Renault are just a few examples of car manufacturers that are debuting electric car technology. In order to keep up with trends and consumer demand, almost every vehicle manufacturer has been investing in the development of a hybrid or all-electric car model. These vehicles have a big draw for consumers who are looking for an environmentally friendly vehicle or who simply want to save some money on gas. Based on the trends in motor shows and marketing campaigns throughout the automotive industry, it is becoming increasingly clear that the future of car development will be heavily influenced by electric motor technology.

Expert electric motor replacement in Columbia, TN

Even as the automotive industry begins to take advantage of the performance and reliability offered by electric motors, there are some industries that have been relying on this technology for decades. If you have a water well that is powered by an electric motor, it is essential that you are able to depend on that technology to provide you with a reliable source of water for your home or business. You can ensure that your motor remains in excellent condition for years to come through regular service, repair and electric motor replacement in Columbia, TN. Reach out to Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair to speak with a team of experienced professionals who can help you maintain the condition of your well pump and electric motor.

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