Post-Flood Electrical Safety Tips from Your Source for Well Pump Repair in Columbia, TN

October 27, 2017

Your basement is a lake. Your first instinct is to rush in and salvage as much as possible. Don’t do it! This is extremely dangerous. Before you plunge into the waters, consider these safety tips from your providers of well pump repair in Columbia, TN. Following these steps will keep you and your property safe both during the flooding and after cleanup is complete.

Wait for the all-clear

If your basement is flood-damaged or filled with water, do not enter. A licensed electrician, the fire department or the utility company must first remove your home’s electrical meter from its socket. Don’t be fooled by a loss of power. This does not mean the area is safe from shock. Electricity may be back-fed into your basement by someone using a generator nearby. The only way to be sure the area is safe is by removing the meter from the socket. This will completely disconnect you from the grid and provide the all-clear to enter the space.

Replace electrical equipment

You may hope to get well pump repair in Columbia, TN and simply reuse some of your systems. This is typically not realistic. Electrical equipment is not created to survive submersion. Even if the water only overtook the area for a short period of time, it likely ruined your electrical equipment. Be prepared to replace most if not all of it. Items that you will need to replace include Romex, armored cable, circuit panels and breakers, fuse boxes and fuses, switches, outlets, motors, fans, lights, heaters, air conditioners, furnaces and boilers.

Yes, this can be expensive if insurance coverage is not available. But any attempt to reuse these parts is very risky. For the HVAC system, a licensed contractor can advise you if this equipment is salvageable. Appliances may be usable, but they can be dangerous to operate after flooding. It’s usually best not to take the risk.

Stay grounded

Your home’s grounding and bonding system can be damaged by flood waters. This system carries current safely to ground if something goes awry with the electrical service. After a flood, contact an electrician to conduct a thorough inspection of this system. They should carefully inspect all components to ensure the system is operating optimally. Additionally, you should carefully inspect all metal components of your home’s electrical system. If anything rusts, replace it. The rust prevents proper connection to your home’s grounding system.

Buddy up

As desperate as you might be to start the cleanup process or try to salvage stored items, don’t go into a flooded building alone. Wait for help. Even minor flooding can create dangerous conditions. Objects hidden in the water pose tripping hazards. Wet floors are slippery. It is easy to get hurt or drown. Pair up with at least one other person to venture into the space together. Wear chest waders for high waters. Bring a good flashlight that clips to a hat or other device to keep your hands free for safe navigation.

A homeowner’s task list after a flood is long and difficult. You’ll probably need more than repairs. Don’t try to do it all alone. Contact local experts for electrical system evaluations and well pump repair in Columbia, TN. Above all, take steps to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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