How to Safely Remove and Handle a Broken Electric Pump

December 13, 2017

The holidays are upon us again. And just as that means more time with family, and spreading a little more goodwill and cheer than we usually do, it also means stress, so much planning and, unfortunately, unforeseen problems popping up out of nowhere to derail those plans. It happens almost every year.

We’ve put together this little guide, so that if you run into problems with your well water pump this holiday season, you’ll know what to do. After all, problem with your water when you’ve got company in town is just unacceptable!

Some notes on your electric pump on your own

Most issues in electric pumps have to do with faulty or worn-out components. If you’re comfortable following directions and removing and installing components, you can save yourself well over $100 by securing and installing the parts on your own. Problems with the pump itself are generally evidenced by no water pressure, or irregular stuttering or pulsing pressure. If this is your problem, there’s a good chance you can fix the issue on your own. However, if the problem seems to be coming in the piping, or the electrical outside of the pump, you probably need to call a professional in water pump repair in Columbia, TN, as incorrect or incomplete fixes to these issues can created even greater problems with your pump.

Here’s a closer look at some common electric water pump issues and how they can be remedied:

  • Stuttering/pulsing water pressure: Water coming out in irregular bursts is a sign of a problem in your tank. Generally, this comes from water flooding the tank. If you’ve got water in your air valve, this is the most telltale sign. The solution is to replace the tank. To keep the problem from occurring again in the future, replace it with a larger tank. Try to find a tank that has a longer life guarantee, even if it is more expensive. If you leave the problem unfixed, you begin putting more pressure on the pump, which can increase your electric bill significantly.
  • No water: The most common cause of no water at all is simply a tripped circuit breaker. So, before bringing out the tools, make sure you haven’t tripped a breaker. The second most common problem is a dead pressure switch. The pressure switch senses the pump’s capacity and tells the pump when to fill up with water. Take the cover off of your switch. You should see a tube below the switch. Hit it sharply (but don’t break it) with a screwdriver and see if you can make it spark. If it sparks, the problem is the switch, which can be replaced fairly easily for $20 or $30. If it doesn’t spark, then you need to replace the controller—the main electrical box of your pump. It’s also an easy fix, if you’re comfortable with simple electrical work. It’ll cost you somewhere around $75.
  • Constantly running water pump: If you continually hear the “click” of the pressure switch turning on and off, even when there’s no water on anywhere in the house, there’s a decent chance that your problem requires a professional. It’s either a broken or bad pipe in the line or a bad valve, and both problems require expertise to take care of on their own. If you have this problem, contact a water pump replacement and repair specialist.

If you’re having issues with your water pump or with your water system, please give us a call here at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair. We’ve been among the most reputable providers of water pump repair in Columbia, TN, and the surrounding area for over 11 years. Call us today for more information!

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