Avoid Electric Motor Replacement in Columbia, TN with Proper Motor Maintenance

August 10, 2018

Teeth require regular brushing and flossing for good health. Flowers need daily water and sunlight to grow. What does your electric motor need? To avoid electric motor replacement in Columbia, TN, you must keep up with proper maintenance. This involves four key areas.

Use this overview of these top maintenance points to ensure you are giving your electric motor the attention it needs. This will keep your machinery running more smoothly and help you avoid costly repairs.


If your bearings are not properly lubricated, they will wear out quickly. Their shortened lifespan will cause unnecessary electric motor replacement in Columbia, TN. To keep bearings well lubricated, always use the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. Additionally, follow the manufacturer’s guide for frequency of lubrication. Performing this task too often or not often enough can cause damage. Lastly, avoid over lubricating. If you over lubricate, grease or oil can get into the windings and cause deterioration, shorting and excessive heat buildup.


Occasionally inspect your motor mount to avoid electric motor replacement in Columbia, TN. Check for solid tightness in the mounting bolts. Ensure there is no play between the hard mount and the plate or the rubber isolation feet and the plate. Look for warping or cracks. Check any concrete mounts for chipping or erosion near the anchor bolts. Anything discovered should be repaired right away to avoid further damage and eventual electric motor replacement in Columbia, TN.


One of the most common problems with electric motors is bearing failures. It is also one of the easiest to prevent. To maintain bearings, always align loads properly. Additionally, blow out the motor occasionally to keep it free of debris and moisture, since these can find their way into the bearings. Lastly, monitor the temperature of the bearings and ensure the readings are in the safe range recommended by the manufacturer. If they get too hot, let the motor cool before proceeding, and check it for damage or debris.


Always keep a record of all maintenance performed on your machinery. Record any problems and how they were repaired. You can reference this documentation if future problems occur, which will make it easier to solve a similar problem. These records will also guide you as to what backup parts you need to have on hand for common issues. The documentation can also reveal patterns in problems and maintenance that will help you improve future maintenance and optimize your machinery’s performance. Ultimately, it can help you extend the life of your motor so you can avoid electric motor replacement in Columbia, TN.

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