Seven Pressure Switch Problems That Call for Well Pump Repair in Columbia, TN

November 12, 2018

Are you experiencing problems with your well water supply? Problems with the pressure switch are a common reason for these issues. If your well is running dry, use the following troubleshooting guide to determine if you need well pump repair in Columbia, TN.

Often, these issues have simple fixes that will restore your water supply. If you are unable to determine the issue or solve the problem, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for well pump repair in Columbia, TN.

Will the switch turn on?

One of the most common causes of well pump issues is a switch that won’t turn on. If you experience this problem, your tank pressure might be above the switch’s cut-in pressure. To reduce pressure to the desired level, run water in another part of the property. A soft tap on the pressure gauge or tank may also help.

Will the switch turn off?

The opposite problem is also common. If your switch won’t turn off, cut the power. This will prevent the switch from burning out. Then, check the water supply. Look for leaks that might be causing pressure issues.

Does the switch click on and off?

Is your pump cycling on and off? This endless cycling could be caused by a blown bladder. Check this component, which is found in the water tank. If blown, replace it. Be sure to also check the contacts on the switch to see if the frequent cycling has caused any damage.

Is your pressure sensor clogged?

Pressure sensors can become clogged with sediment. This happens more often in areas with high mineral content in the water supply. To unclog the sensor, clean the tube that connects the water supply and the switch, as well as the switch itself. If the clog is severe, you might need a new switch. If you’re not sure, contact a professional for well pump repair in Columbia, TN.

Is the diaphragm damaged?

In order to function properly, your system must be able to sense the correct water pressure. To do this, it uses a diaphragm on the switch that senses pressure from the water supply. Over time, this part can wear out, and it no longer senses properly. At this point, you’ll need to replace the switch.

Does your switch have a failed connection?

The problem with your switch could actually be related to a connection somewhere else in the system. Check piping to ensure there are no leaks. If good connections are not present throughout the lines, the switch might not work properly. For a complete inspection, partner with a professional in well pump repair in Columbia, TN.

Are the contacts bad?

Check the electrical contacts of your switch. These can wear out over time. Corrosion may occur, or frequent cycling can take its toll. If the contacts have gone bad, you’ll need a new switch.

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