What Happens When Too Much Water Flows Through a Pump?

November 29, 2018

If you have a well, you rely on your water pump to deliver years of consistent, efficient and effective performance. Unfortunately, water pumps don’t always work the way they’re supposed to, and you might find yourself dealing with a faulty part or mechanical issue down the road. Understanding a little bit more about how well pumps work and why problems arise can help equip you to get the water well service and repair in Columbia, TN that you need to get your pump working effectively again.

What is pump cavitation?

While we think of water as entirely a liquid, it also contains some pockets of gas. Vapor bubbles form in water when a flowing liquid falls below its vapor pressure. If the liquid is placed under a pressure greater than its vapor pressure, the small bubbles in the water implode. This occurrence, which is often referred to as cavitation, can cause damage to water pumps and system components. When the vapor bubbles in the water collapse, they can create a shock wave that impacts the water pump.

Typically, pump cavitation is caused by insufficient suction from the pump. This problem can arise due to a pump that’s too far away from a water source, a suction pipe that’s too narrow, a pump that’s running too fast, a suction pipe with too many fittings or a liquid with low vapor pressure. Regardless of the cause of this issue, it can lead to a reduced pumping capacity, overflow, pump damage, excessive wear and tear of pump components and even mechanical failure.

What you can do about it

You can detect pump cavitation before it does too much damage to your pump by watching out for a few signs. You might notice that your pump isn’t delivering as much water flow, it vibrates a lot or it sounds like there are marbles running through your pump. As well pump cavitation progresses, these signs will become more apparent and intense.

In many cases, the most effective way to solve pump cavitation is to replace your existing pump with one that is better suited for the size of your well and the volume of water it pumps. You can arrange a professional consultation with a technician who specializes in water well service and repair in Columbia, TN to help you determine the best course of action based on your circumstances and the extent of your pump cavitation problem.

Learn more about water well service and repair in Columbia, TN

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