Electric Pumps vs. Gas Pumps

December 28, 2018

What’s the difference between an electric pump and a gas pump? Is one better than the other? Which should you choose if you want the most cost-effective water well service and repair in Columbia, TN?

The best choice for you depends on several factors. Use the following pros and cons of each system to weigh your options and decide which type of pump you prefer for your property. For more information, contact your local provider of water well service and repair in Columbia, TN.

Electric Pumps: Pros

When it comes to water well service and repair in Columbia, TN, an electric pump will probably require less maintenance than a gas pump. This style of pump doesn’t require oil changes, and its overall need for maintenance is minimal.

Depending on the price of gas, electric pumps may also be cheaper than gas pumps. When gas prices soar, the cost of your pump operation won’t be affected as much as it would if you were relying on a gas pump.

Gas Pumps: Pros

Gas pumps offer a few advantages over electric pumps. They typically offer more power than electric pumps. They are also not limited by access to electricity. You can use them far from outlets without worrying about a cord to provide power. This gives gas pumps the advantage for outdoor use.

Gas pumps also typically offer more gallons per minute than their electrical counterparts. With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why many property owners request gas pumps from their local provider of water well service and repair in Columbia, TN.

Electric Pumps: Cons

The main disadvantage of electric pumps is their reliance on access to electricity. If you want to use this pump style in a location that doesn’t offer an electrical outlet, you’ll have to use a portable generator as well. Additionally, some electric pumps require a 230V outlet, which might not be readily available.

Gas Pumps: Cons

As part of the ongoing maintenance for gas pumps, oil changes are required. While some property owners might not mind this task, the additional maintenance is viewed by some as a disadvantage.

Additionally, while gas pumps can be used in exterior locations where electrical models won’t work due to lack of power supply, they cannot be used indoors. The carbon monoxide emissions put out by these models limits their use to the outdoors. However, if necessary, a hose kit can be used to keep the pump outdoors while it is used to remove water from an interior location. This is generally a temporary solution for situations such as a flooded basement.

Consult with the Experts

Are you debating which type of pump is best for your circumstances? Contact the experienced professionals at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair. We are the area’s go-to experts for water well service and repair in Columbia, TN. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial pump repair and replacement, water treatment, conditioning, electric motor rewinding and more. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule your next service.

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