Signs Your Well Water May Be Bad

February 27, 2019

If you own property in a more rural area, chances are you’ve got options when it comes to some of your utilities, but being too far away from municipal services could mean your property needs its own water well. But while water well systems in Columbia, TN offer a host of advantages—including no monthly water bills and a lower risk of water contamination—a private well is not for everyone.

There’s a possibility that your water supply could wind up polluted after storms or floods, or due to nearby construction. Think you might need a professional to come out to your property to check on the quality of your water? Here are some signs to watch out for.

Nasty odors

Do you smell an odor in your drinking water? A recent storm could have agitated your well water, but there are a number of other possible causes for the presence of odors. A rotten egg smell is the most common type of odor identified in drinking water, which is caused by hydrogen sulfide. Well owners notice this odor in either cold water or hot water only, or sometimes in both. Then there are odors caused by difference species of algae. Algae in well water can smell fishy or musty. But the thing that causes much of the odors in water is decaying flora. Try treating the problem with activated carbon.

Unpleasant taste

More than one factor can play a role in bad-tasting well water. The most common reasons for water tasting bad are metallic compounds, magnesium bicarbonate and magnesium chloride, all of which can sneak into your water supply. Problems with how your water tastes can be a reaction to chemicals used nearby for water treatments, or chemicals produced from industrial work taking place in the area. Alternatively, this reaction might’ve originated with the water supply itself.

Similar to odors in your water, the decaying of flora is a common explanation for a bad taste in your drinking water. The best course of action to get rid of the unpleasant taste is treating your well water system with activated carbon. If your well water contains an unpleasant taste, consider hiring a well service contractor to check it out.

Excess iron

Water that has too much iron in it can cause rusty colored rings in sink, tubs and washing machines. You’ll also notice ice cubes and clean laundry coming out in a yellowish color, or clear running water with a metallic taste, which indicates iron contamination.

Hard water

Too much magnesium, calcium and iron will result in hard water. Hard water is known to leave thick scale film in the shower and tub, stiffen your laundry and spot your glassware after washing. Your hair may feel sticky or look dull after showering. If hard water begins to affect your water heater, it will require more energy to operate.

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