What You Need to Know About Well Pump Repair in Columbia, TN

April 11, 2019

A well pump, like any other type of mechanical system, can begin to fail or malfunction if placed under too much strain. But how do you know if your well pump is in need of repair, and what are the steps you should take if it is? Here’s some information to consider from a company offering well pump repair in Columbia, TN.

Common signs of pump and tank problems

One of the most common problems people notice indicating an issue with their pump or tank is that they have decreased water pressure. The other most common indicators include loud or strange noises, dirty water coming from fixtures, air spitting out of the faucet or unusually high electric bills.

Here are just a few of the causes of these types of issues:

  • Lack of preventative maintenance: First and foremost, you should make sure you keep up with preventative maintenance for your well. An annual inspection only costs about $100 to $200, and it will allow you to diagnose and resolve any potential issues with your well system long before they actually become major problems, saving you a significant amount of money.
  • Failure to make simple repairs: Going along with preventative maintenance are some simple repairs you may need to make every now and then. Replacing the pressure switch will hardly cost you anything at all, and will make a big difference in the long-term lifespan of your system. Replacing the tank is more expensive, but it’s better than having to replace the well pump because you didn’t keep up with your maintenance or smaller repairs.
  • Power outages: A power outage will cause your well system to stop working, unless the pump has a backup power supply like a generator or battery. You can also check your circuit breaker to see if the breaker for the well pump has switched off somehow, cutting off power to the pump.
  • Loss of pressure in expansion tank: The tank is a closed area the pump fills up with water. As water enters the tank, the air in the tank compresses through an air-filled vinyl bladder until the pressure reaches a high enough level that the pressure switch gets tripped. Then, once someone opens up a faucet in the house, the air pressure squeezes the bladder and forces out water. Once there’s enough water used to lower the pressure, the switch turns the pump back on and the pressurizing cycle repeats itself again. A lack of pressure in the tank will result in the pump being forced to work harder to keep the tank full, which could in turn make the components of the pump wear down faster.

These are just a few of the issues you’ll need to consider that could necessitate well pump repair in Columbia, TN. For more information about how you can keep your well pumps in the best condition possible, we encourage you to contact the team at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair. We look forward to answering your questions and providing the service you need!

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