Should My Irrigation Pumps Be Replaced? Info About Water Pump Replacement in Columbia, TN

May 8, 2019

Replacing an irrigation pump can be a very expensive repair, so it’s important to know whether replacing the pump is the best option for you to fix whatever problems you’re having with your irrigation system. With this in mind, here are a few signs that you may need to look into water pump replacement in Columbia, TN.

The pump isn’t running

You don’t necessarily need to panic immediately if your pump isn’t running—there’s actually a chance there’s a simple solution to the problem. Your first step should be to check the breaker, and if it’s tripped or isn’t turned on, then all you need to do is reset it.

However, if it continues to flip off after that, there could be a problem with the wires running to the pump, or with the pump motor itself. Something is causing the pump to get either too little or too much electricity, which results in it failing to operate as needed. This isn’t a problem you should try to solve yourself. The wiring for irrigation systems can be highly sophisticated, meaning you really need to have electrical experience to be able to take on the job and not make a bigger mess of things.

Worse output than in past years

If your irrigation system just isn’t working like it used to, there are several issues that could be causing this. For example, a blockage of leaves and other debris in your system can restrict the amount of water you’re able to get out of your pump. Smaller particles can also get into the impeller vanes on the system, which could lower the performance of the pump.

The loss of a prime can happen in pumps as well, even self-priming ones. The pump casings need to be filled with water before they pump. If you repeatedly have problems with the pump losing its prime between watering, then there’s likely a leak somewhere in the system.

You’re not getting any water

The entire purpose of an irrigation system is to deliver water, so if the pump is on but there’s no water coming, then you’ve got problems. The pump itself isn’t necessarily the problem here—you should make sure to check all lines and valves to see if there are issues elsewhere in the system. This inspection will be most efficient if you work with a professional.

You hear a strange and awful sound

The suction lift in your system is the distance between the surface of the water and the pump inlet. If that lift is too high, you’re going to start to hear some bad sounds—it may even sound like you’ve got rocks or marbles trapped in the system somewhere. This noise results from cavitation, and it can do some significant harm to the components of your irrigation pump. It can help if you’re able to get the pump closer to the source of the water, but that might not be a permanent solution.

For more information about whether or not you need to seek out water pump replacement in Columbia, TN, contact us today with information about your problem.

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