Can Bad Storms Damage Your Water Well System?

November 27, 2019

There’s a lot for homeowners to worry about when the sky grows dark. High winds, heavy rains, lighting, hail and more are all reasons to batten down the hatches and wait patiently for Mother Nature to unleash her fury. But you can’t protect everything from the weather. It’s hard to safeguard your water well, for example.

Do storms damage water wells? Well, they can if the conditions are right. As a homeowner, it’s important to realize when your well might be in danger and what types of weather conditions may put your potable water at risk.

The dangers of contamination

Storm damage to water wells almost always occurs during heavy rains and flash flood situations. When the rain falls too fast for the ground to absorb, it needs to go somewhere. Around water wells, it follows the casing down and can drain into the aquifer below, bringing contaminants with it.

If you have pets that go to the bathroom outside, have recently fertilized or sprayed for pests or simply have soil with a high nitrate content, your well is at risk during flash floods. These contaminants quickly trickle down to the aquifer and sometimes into the well itself, if the casing is old or compromised.

Problems with well system function

More than contamination, flash flooding can cause big problems for the well system itself. If your well head, pressure tank, filter or any electrical controls become submerged, they’re going to short or become damaged. They’ll be inoperable in short order, meaning your well will be out of commission until a professional can repair and restart it.

If flooding has begun to interfere with your vital well systems, there’s not much you can do. Avoid going near any electrical components until the floodwaters have receded and dried. In fact, the safest thing you can do if flooding is inevitable is to flip the breaker associated with your pump system. You won’t have potable water for the time being, so be sure to fill a few pitchers before you kill your pump.

Storm damage is usually temporary

If you believe your well has been affected by storm waters and flash flooding, make sure to avoid using it until it can be inspected and repaired by a qualified professional. Most often, repairs after flooding are quick and easy. Most well experts will be able to administer a water test with ease, too, to make sure your potable water is safe for drinking.

If your well is subject to frequent flooding, it might be time to think about making some changes. For example, a well contractor may be able to help you reseal the casing around your well if it’s old and compromised. Or, the grading around your well head or building foundation might be poor—if corrected, it could help prevent water backflow that leads to flooding. Whatever the case, addressing flooding issues at their source can ensure your well and pump system weathers the storm.

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