What Are Some Common Water Conditioning System Issues in Columbia, TN?

November 8, 2019

If you frequently find yourself dealing with hard water in your home, a water softening system can be an extremely valuable addition to your house. Of course, with it being a complex mechanical system, there are going to be some occasional maintenance and repair needs you’ll want to stay up-to-date with if you hope to keep getting reliable service out of that system for years to come.

With this in mind, what are some of the most common water conditioning system issues in Columbia, TN? Here’s a quick overview of a few examples.

Not getting conditioned water

Obviously, the entire point of a water conditioning system is to soften your water and remove the mineral buildup associated with hard water. There are a few reasons why your water softener system might not work properly, and the problems are often actually quite simple to resolve.

You may try flushing the tank in the water softener system to see if you need to add more salt. If your salt levels appear low, adding more salt may get you back to reliable operation of your water softener.

There may also be a problem with the motor in the water softener system. Check to make sure that the unit is on and the system is plugged in. You can also check its circuit breaker in your electrical panel to make sure it hasn’t been tripped. If that isn’t the issue, you can have a professional come and check out the motor and perform whatever service is necessary.

Brine line problems

Brine line issues are another frequent problem with water softeners. Flush the brine line, and keep an eye on the injector and filter screen. If you see any defects in those parts, replace them as soon as possible.

You should also check the brine lines for any damage that could potentially affect pressure in those lines. A certain pressure will need to be kept in the system to keep the brine line working properly. The brine line is a crucial component of any water softener system, so make sure you regularly check the pressure levels to keep the system working well.

Mineral issues

While sodium is a crucial component of any water conditioning system, you’ll need to make sure you don’t have an excess of salt making its way into the water after it’s been softened. Too much salt can be bad for the body, particularly for people who struggle with high blood pressure or other circulatory conditions. Adding a bypass pipe for drinking water can help you avoid having excess salt in the water.

Another mineral that is beneficial at reasonable quantities but can be harmful at high quantities is iron. There is a limit to the amount of iron that should exist in a water softener system. If the system reaches its limit, you’ll need to replace the filter.

For more information about common issues with water softener systems in Columbia, TN, contact the experts at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair today.

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