Five Common Issues with Well Water Pumps

May 22, 2020

It is important to know what issues can happen to a well pump. This way, you are not caught unprepared if your water access suddenly becomes questionable. You also know how to detect issues early before they become serious problems. Here are five signs to recognize when checking your well pump for issues in Columbia, TN:

  • No water: This is an obvious one, and the main problem you want to avoid by being aware of anything different with your pump. Your best-case scenario is a tripped circuit breaker. That is easy to fix—just go to your fuse box and activate the circuit breaker. More serious issues arise from overuse, which is common in late summer. Basically, the water table becomes so low your system cannot pump water to your home. If this is the case, lower the pump into the water and dramatically reduce your use for the next few days. This will allow the well to recover.
  • Sputtering: In this situation, rather than having a smooth flow from your faucets, water spits out or merely drizzles. This indicates the presence of air in your system. That can occur if your pump is malfunctioning or there are cracks in the water pipes. The only way to accurately diagnose this issue is to pull the pump from the well and inspect it.
  • Weird water: If your usually crisp and refreshing well water changes color, smells odd or becomes unpleasant to drink, you may have a corroded pipe. However, there is also a chance that the water attracted harmless bacteria, silt or sand. Water may also become cloudy or muddy if the well is pulling from a shallow water pool or the pump fails to filter dirt from the water. These conditions are often unsettling, but rarely dangerous. If you are concerned about contamination, have your water tested. Also, if you continue to see cloudy water, have your conditions checked, as that can eventually cause your pump to fail.
  • Utility bills skyrocket: Seasonal demands may increase your utility bills, but major changes in your monthly expenses often indicate a well pump issue. Well pumps are power eaters, and if they have to run all the time, you will notice it when you receive your electric bill. This occurs when the water table is low, the pressure switch requires repair or replacement or your pump is wearing out. No matter the scenario, if your utility bills skyrocket for no obvious reason, have your well pump system checked out.
  • Pressure switch issues: The pressure switch communicates water demand from your home to your pump so it can provide the water. When it is not operating, you will not receive water. Also, if it has been acting up for a while, the pressure in the storage tank drops and makes it impossible for a signal to reach the pump. To see if this is the case with your well pump, remove the cover and look at the contact points. If any of them are burned out or pitted, they need to be cleaned or replaced.

Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair knows what issues can happen to a well pump in Columbia, TN and how to repair them. If you find something questionable while checking your well pump for issues, call us today to schedule a visit.

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