Does Your Water Well House Need to Be Secured?

August 24, 2020

Across the United States, more than 13 million homeowners get their drinking, bathing and cooking water from private wells. As critical as these wells are, their primary function hasn’t changed much in the last hundred years. A water well is essentially a hole drilled deep into the ground until it hits an aquifer hundreds of feet below. From there, the water is pumped from the ground and into your home.

While there are steps that modern well diggers can take to make sure your well is functioning properly, your well water is still at risk from natural contaminants and outside threats. How do you protect your private well in Columbia, TN? We’ve got you covered.

Placement and construction are essential

If you’re having a well installed, you should ensure that your contractor is putting it in the right place. It should be more than 100 feet from any septic systems, barns or livestock feeding areas. If there are bodies of water on your property, the well house should be at least 25 feet away from them.

During construction, it’s imperative that your contractor meet some guidelines on how to protect a water well in Columbia, TN. For example, the casing must extend at least a food above ground-level and be constructed with the right grade of concrete and approved materials.

Best practices

Once your well is installed, there are some steps you can take to make sure your well water remains pure:

  • Don’t use chemicals near or uphill from your well.
  • Make sure to keep an eye out for cracks or corrosion to your well casing.
  • Ensure your well cap is intact and in good condition.
  • Keep the well casing above ground.

A well contractor can help you treat your well with the care and respect it deserves.

Guard against freezing

When cold weather strikes, there’s a possibility that your well water could freeze. In these cases, you should implement insulation strategies depending on the severity of the weather. One option is to keep a 100-watt incandescent bulb lit next to your well pump. The heat emitted by the light should keep things running smoothly. That said, the best option is to make sure your well house has quality weather stripping and that any cracks or holes are sealed with caulk.

Keep the pros on speed dial

Far and away, the most important step you can take when you’re curious about how to protect a water well in Columbia, TN is to keep a talented maintenance tech on hand. In our corner of Tennessee, that means calling Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair. We have more than a decade of experience providing unparalleled water well service and repair.

Our highly-skilled technicians are also happy to provide installation, repair and replacement of electric motors and water pumps, plus water conditioning and filtration. When you need reliable service at a great price, you can count on Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to schedule an appointment or learn more.

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