Four Tips on Installing Water Softeners on Well Systems

November 25, 2020

Hard water stains pipes and fixtures, tastes metallic and often causes skin conditions. Well water is not immune to being hard, so installing water softeners on water wells in Columbia, TN becomes necessary. However, it is essential to hire a contractor who knows how to install a water softener on a water well system so your new technology does not damage your water source. Here are four tips for ensuring a successful water softener installation:

  • Choose the best location: You can purchase a whole-house water softener system or an appliance that fits under your kitchen sink. The kitchen sink option is the easiest one to install because it does not require significant consideration for location. If you choose a whole-house system, place it as close as possible to your water supply and near a drain. Most homeowners typically install them in the basement or a utility closet. However, do not place it downstream from your water heater, or you risk hot water damage.
  • Check local ordinances: You may need a building permit for a larger water softener system. If you do not double-check this aspect, the city may require you to remove the water softener system and impose a fine. The costs of demolition and court fees are worth avoiding, so check permit requirements before you start the installation.
  • Consider health concerns: If you need to restrict salt from your drinking water, do not purchase a salt-based system. But if you decide that this system works best for your well and home, set it up so the salt bypasses your drinking faucets or cold water.
  • Don’t get in over your head: Water softener installation can be as simple or as complex as you make it. If you insist on making this a DIY project, be realistic about your home improvement skills. Do not take on more than you can handle. You can start by assessing why you want a water softener and choosing one that meets those needs. For example, if you object to your well water’s current taste, a reverse osmosis system installed at your faucet is easy to install and will likely suffice. However, if every shower seems to rip your skin off and your clothes come out of the wash with stains, it’s a better idea to hire a contractor and install a whole-house system.

Even if you have significant home improvement experience, a skilled contractor can help you make smart decisions about a water softener system and install it correctly. Contractors also take care of any permit requirements, so that’s another worry off your plate. It is easy to make a mistake and flood your home if you don’t handle a water softener correctly, so consider hiring this job out before making an installation attempt.

The team at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair knows how to install a water softener on a water well system in Columbia, TN. We offer the experience and resources needed to add water softeners on water wells. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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