What Are All the Electrical Components in a Water Well System?

January 28, 2021

Are you new to owning a water well system, or have you realized you don’t quite know how your system works? Many well owners discover they’re not sure what each component does until something malfunctions. It’s pretty easy to tell when something’s wrong, since it usually means a lack of running water—but how do you know which part is to blame? Here’s a quick guide to the electrical components in your water well system in Wewahitchka, FL:

  • Submersible pump and pump cable: Your submersible pump lives deep inside your well. It’s the most important electrical component in your well, since it’s responsible for drawing water up from deep inside the well and delivering it (eventually) to your home. Your submersible pump should last about 10 to 15 years, as long as you perform regular preventative maintenance. It also has a long pump cable, which connects the pump inside the well to a power source.
  • Pressure gauge: Next, the pressure gauge is used to monitor your pressure gauge when the well pump is idle. A typical well pump isn’t running all the time (and if yours is, you need to call a well contractor as soon as possible). Instead, the pressure gauge helps the system monitor how much water is in the pressure tank. When it falls below a certain level, the pump draws more water up into the pressure tank. This allows you to have running water whenever you need it, rather than turning on the faucet and having to wait for the pump to work its magic.
  • Pressure switch: The pressure switch works with the pressure gauge. When the pressure gauge falls below a certain level, the pressure switch tells the pump it’s time to get more water. When the appropriate pressure level is achieved, the pressure switch tells the pump to shut down.
  • Safety switch: Your well will also come with a safety switch. It might also be referred to as a service disconnect switch. This is located outside of the well and helps control the electrical power distribution to your well pump. If there’s an emergency where you need to cut power to the pump, this is how you can do it.
  • Pump saver: Not every well comes with a pump saver—this is an optional add-on. It features an adjustable solid state control, which monitors your system conditions. This prevents your well pump from experiencing issues like rapid cycling, slow recovery, dry well, loss of flow, air lock and rotor problems.
  • Lightning arrestor: Finally, the lightning arrestor is designed to protect your well pump and other electrical components from electrical surges, whether from lightning or power line issues.

Understanding your well water system’s electrical components in Wewahitchka, FL can help you or your well contractor identify where any problems may originate. Be sure to exercise caution when working around water and electricity.

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