How to Tell if Your Well Pump Is Bad

June 21, 2021

Having easy access to clean water is a necessity. And if you don’t live in the city, a well water system is a great way to satisfy your water-based needs. But, like any other utility in your house, problems could arise with your well.

A well water system is an involved process complete with pumps, wires, valves, gauges and holding tanks. One issue you may run into is a bad water pump. But before you contact professionals for well pump repair, it would help to know some signs that indicate your well pump isn’t working properly.

Sputtering or spitting faucets

If the water from your showerhead or sink faucet starts, stops, spits or sputters, this could mean that air bubbles are being pulled in by the well pump, and they’re affecting the water’s flow.

This could be caused by a crack in the pipe connecting the pump to the water system, or the level of the water table dropping too low. Either way, this shouldn’t be ignored.

Rising electric bills

Problems with your well pump can cause your water system to work inefficiently. It could be forced to use more electricity to pump the same amount of water, causing your electric bills to go up.

If you notice a steady rise in your electric bill occurring over multiple months and it’s combined with any of the other signs on this list, you’ll want to call a professional.

Decreased water pressure

You may notice lowered water pressure in the sink or shower, and this could mean there’s a problem with your well pump.

There are several other potential causes of reduced water pressure, including sticky valves, a leak in the pipes, failure of the pressure tank or a clog or buildup in the screen. Whatever the underlying cause, you should have a professional come out to inspect your well pump.

Noticeable drop in water quality

If your water is muddy or cloudy when it comes out of the faucet, this could be a problem with your well pump. One of your well pump’s main jobs is to filter out any debris in the water, and if your water isn’t clear, that means it’s not serving its function.

Finding that your water smells bad or tastes “off” would also be cause for concern. If you experience any of these issues, you should stop drinking your water and call a technician immediately.

Noise emanating from your plumbing

Listen closely to your pipes. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, like a constant clicking noise, this could be a problem with your water system’s pressure tank switch. This could mean that there’s something wrong with your well system’s air bladder and the system is in a perpetual stop-start cycle.

Additionally, a hissing noise isn’t a good thing to hear, and if you do, you should call someone to perform some well pump repairs.

Call for well pump service today

It’s not always easy to know when you have a bad well pump, but hopefully some of these indicators will tip you off before it fails completely. When you do need well pump repair or maintenance service, give us a call at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair. We have over 40 years of experience in the water pump service and repair industry, and we want to make sure you and your family have access to the water you need.

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