Tips for Choosing the Right Electric Motor Pump

August 5, 2021

Are you in the market for a new water pump for your well, water feature, sump pump or other application? There are going to be a whole lot of options out there, so it’s important that you take the time to do your research so you can figure out the best electric motor pump for your specific needs.

Here are a few of the most important factors for you to consider as you go about your search.

Electric versus gas pumps

Electric pumps are ideal for indoor use, because they do not give off any fumes. The vast majority of pumps you’ll find are 120V, meaning they can be plugged into your home’s standard outlets. However, some come in 230V, so if you go for this type of pump, you’ll need to double check that you have the proper electrical infrastructure in your home, and if you don’t, install it.

Electric pumps do not provide the same level of power as gas pumps, but they do not need as much maintenance and they are much more energy-efficient. Their operation will not cost you as much, and you don’t have to worry about consuming fossil fuels. Just keep in mind that you’ll need an electrical cord to operate them.

Gas pumps are great for job sites and agricultural settings, because they’re designed to be portable and used outdoors. Gas pumps have much more powerful engines, and are often capable of pumping up to 750 gallons of water per minute. So, if you know you need to move a lot of water quickly, this is a great option. Just remember they must be used outdoors because they will produce carbon monoxide emissions.

Sizing your pump

After determining electric versus gas, you’ll need to determine the size of pump you need. How many gallons per minute do you need to pump? Do you have any pressure requirements? What are the inlet and outlet sizes you need for hoses, and how high up do you need to pump the water (in vertical feet)? Consider also how far horizontally you’ll need to pump the water.

Application for the pump

What specifically will you be using the pump for? There is a wide range of water pumps on the market, each of which is designed for specific purposes.

For example, submersible utility pumps are designed to be placed underwater to remove water from certain areas. (Think submersible sump pumps, for example, which are designed to prevent flooding in basements.) There are also sprinkler pumps designed for irrigation, well pumps for pumping water up to your home from a deep well, trash pumps for moving large quantities of dirty water and various specialty water pumps for ponds, fountains, pools, sprinklers, water features and more.

If you know the specific application for your pump, this will help you quickly narrow down your options.

For more information about choosing the right electric motor pump, contact the experts at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair with any questions you have for us.

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