How Water Well Pumps Work

February 17, 2022

If you’re in a town or city, you might not think much about how the water arrives at your house every day. These municipalities will have a network of supply pipes providing water to homes and businesses, so all you need to know is how to turn the faucet on.

For those in rural areas, water well systems are the norm. Your water supply is independent from your neighbor’s, and each well has to draw water via its own electromechanical system. Some homes are connected to shallow wells and others need to dig deeper to find a stable supply of potable water. The core of the system is the water well pump.

Let’s look at different types of pumps and how they work.

Shallow-well pumps

The most common among shallow-well systems is the jet pump. These are mounted above the well either inside the home or as part of a well house. They draw water up using suction, which means that atmospheric pressure does most of the work.

Jet pumps use an electric motor that drives an impeller. This, in turn, moves water into a narrow jet at the top of the housing. The constriction that follows causes the speed of the moving water to increase similar to a nozzle on a hose. When the water exits the jet, a vacuum is formed that pulls additional water from the well. Pumped water and drive water combine to send water into the plumbing system at high pressure.

In other words, shallow-well jet pumps use water to draw out more water. This means they need to be filled with water (also referred to as priming) before they operate properly. To prevent water in the pump and the plumbing system from going back into the well, a one-way valve is added to the pump’s feed line.

Deeper wells

In some cases, homeowners will need to go deeper than 25 feet for their water well systems. This can still be done with a jet pump. The jet needs to be separated from the motor and impeller housing, with the jet located farther down in the water. Just like with shallow systems, a deeper well will need to be primed in order to function properly.

Pump components

Whether you have a deep well or a shallow well, the parts of a water well pump are similar. Pumps do not run consistently each time you draw water. Instead, a modern tank includes an air bladder that is compressed when water is pumped inside. The pressure in the tank needs to be enough to move the water through the house’s plumbing system. Most jet-pump systems include a storage tank, a pressure switch, a well seal, well casing and more.

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