What to Expect from a Water Well Drilling Contract

February 3, 2022

The investment in drilling or replacing a water well can be a significant undertaking. This is true for both sides, as it may not only be a large monetary investment but a big investment of time and effort on both sides. The best way to make sure your water well service will satisfy both the customer and the service provider is with a water well drilling contract.

There are some things that a contract for water well service needs to cover. This includes the types of services to be provided, how those services will be provided, how everything will be documented along the way and, of course, cost.

Here are some things to look for and expect in a water well service drilling contract.

Money matters

One of the most important things to have set in writing is the estimated cost of the project, as well as what factors may cause that estimate to change. For example, equipment costs are usually set as firm prices, but services like drilling and casing are often variable depending on the size of the well. There may also be additional services to account for, like sanitation, testing or deep drilling. Be sure to account for these factors in the contract even if they are unlikely to occur in a given project.

It’s often required that a deposit be given before work begins for water well service. The contract should address this and state the amount, whether it be a set figure or a percentage of the estimate. These deposits are usually nonrefundable. There may also be payment plans that can be set into place, which would be spelled out in the contract.

Project specifics

The project’s specifics should be laid out in the contract. This includes things like services to be provided, methods of action and related services that may be required. This section should also address things like the timeline of the project, with anticipated beginning and ending dates for the project. It may also include dates for specific phases of the project to be completed like drilling, pump installation and other phases.


In addition to the scope of work and cost of the project, there should be a section in the contract covering the required documentation for the water well service. This includes permits and inspections, change orders and the well log that will be submitted to the state.

Warranty and termination

A water well drilling contract should also include information about the warranty or guarantees of the work. This includes information for replacement of parts as well as actions that may void the warranty. There should also be a section detailing termination rights (including refund information) in case the customer or the service provider should need to cancel the project.

When a water well drilling project takes place, it’s important to have a contract finalized before any other work begins. When you need water well service or a new well drilled, contact the experienced professionals at Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair today.

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