Choosing the Right Water Well Pump for You

March 28, 2022

If you rely on a well for your water, it is crucial to acquire the appropriate pump to maintain water flow during peak hours.

What Is a Water Pump?

Most people have constant access to clean, potable water in suburban and urban areas. In many rural areas, homes bank on wells for water supply. A water pump is a piece of electromechanical equipment that pumps the water from a well into the house. An electric motor drives a pump, which fore water from the well through a pipe a jet.

Pumps come in a range of sizes. The best option depends on basic factors:

  • Number of plumbing fixtures in your home quantity of water your home uses
  • Your property’s size

Types of water well pumps

Water well pumps come in man shapes and sizes. The most common types of water well pumps are:

Centrifugal Pump

This pump operates by rotating an internal fan, thus creating suction. Unlike other pumps, this type requires less maintenance as it sits in a mechanical structure near the well.

One shortcoming of these water pumps is their insufficient suction power in deep wells. These water well pumps are an ideal option in wells that are less than 25 feet deep.

Submersible well pump

The submersible water well pump is the most dominant type, partly due to its flexibility. These pumps can work for virtually any well, regardless of their depth.

As the name suggests, these pumps will not function unless they are wholly underwater. The pumps are watertight, durable, and rarely require repairs. Nonetheless, repairs involve getting the pump out of the water well: This may require a trained pump repair technician.

Jet pump

These pumps offer the most power and deliver more water quicker than other pumps. Like their submersible counterparts, these pumps work in water wells at all depths.

Installation of the jet pump depends on whether it’s a double-drop or single-drop model. Single-drop models are most appropriate for shallow wells, while double-drop models are most appropriate for deep wells.

Choosing the right electric motor pump

When choosing an appropriate electric motor pump, the well’s depth is the key factor to consider.

  • If your well is below 25 feet deep, go for a shallow water well jet pump.
  • If your well has a depth between 25 and 110 feet, a deep water well jet pump is ideal.
  • If your well has a depth between 110 and 400 feet, the best electric motor pump is a four-inch submersible pump.

Determining the size of a water well pump

Besides choosing the best electric motor pump for your well, you need to determine the appropriate size. Well, pump ratings are in gallons per minute. An average house with three or four bedrooms requires around ten GPM.

Although your water well pump needs to be adequately large, an oversize unit reduces its performance. When replacing your pump, you should pick one with matching horsepower. Nevertheless, you may require extra horsepower if you plan to add appliances or new family members.


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