How Will I Know When My Water Well Dries Up?

May 25, 2022

As a property owner, you always expect your well to provide sufficient clean water every time you need it. This is the approach that any other homeowner has towards water wells. However, this might not always be the case. In some situations, your water well might dry up. In such a case, your pump will not provide any water. So, how do you tell your well has dried up?

  • Water Pump Running for Longer Periods 

Essentially, water pumps are designed to run for particular periods. Therefore, if you realize that your water pump is running for more extended periods, this is an indication that your well might be going dry. The rule is that if the pump runs for more than 30 minutes, there are higher chances of going dry.

If you have a submersible water pump, you might also notice that it runs for shorter periods. The main reason behind this is the increased water temperature surrounding the pump. When the water around your submersible pump gets warmer, it is harder for the pump to cool itself. As a result, it will shut off earlier than usual.

  • Change in Water Taste

By now, you’ve mastered the taste of your well water. So, if you suddenly note a change in the taste of your water, it is an indication that something might not be correct. In most cases, a difference in taste is usually a result of algae or bacteria growth in the well. However, it could also indicate that your well is going dry.

Also, you might notice a change in the color of your well water. In some cases, the water might become cloudy. These are all indications that your well is going dry, and you need to take action before it’s too late.

How To Fix Dry Well Issues

You cannot continue to watch your well go dry without action. The most appropriate thing you can do is consult a professional water well contractor. They will help you diagnose the problem and develop a lasting solution.

  • Water Well Deepening

One of the solutions that your contractor might recommend is to deepen your well. This is usually the best solution when you’re dealing with a dry well. By deepening your well, you will be able to access more water, solving your problem.

  • Water Well Repair

In some cases, a dry well is a result of a damaged well. If this is the case, your well contractor will recommend that you repair your well. This might involve replacing some of the components of your well, such as the pump. Once the repairs have been made, your well should be able to provide you with an adequate supply of water.


A dry well can be a major problem, primarily if you rely on your well for your water needs. However, by understanding the signs of a dry well, you can take action before it’s too late. For example, you can consult a professional contractor for solutions. Contact Action Electric Motor & Pump Repair today for your water well needs.

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