What Can I Do To Increase the Water Pressure From a Well Pump?

July 18, 2022

Many people still use well pumps, and many have questions about what they need to do to increase the water pressure they are receiving from a well pump. If you need to adjust your pressure tank to get the water flow you require, you will want to know the best and safest ways to make this happen. We have answers for you on that question. 

Adjusting the Pressure Switch

The fastest way to adjust the water pressure from your well pump is to adjust the pressure switch connected to the pressure tank. When you do this, you can see near-immediate results in terms of the total overall pressure in the pressure tank. Naturally, this is what most people are aiming for when they are adjusting something like this, and it makes sense that you would start at the easiest solution. Make sure you look at this simple step first before you try to move on to anything more complicated than that. 

Signs for Hard Water

You should keep an eye out for signs of hard water coming from your well pump. There is a decent chance that you have hard water, which can certainly impact the type of water you can get out of the well pump in the first place. There are several things that you can look for when it comes to signs of hard water, and these include:

  • Mineral stains left behind after the water has washed away
  • A filmy feeling in your hair after you wash it 
  • Lower than normal water pressure

These signs mean that you have hard water problems, and it may be necessary to try to adjust the pressure switch to even out the kind of pressure you are getting from the well pump. 

Cut-Off and Cut-On Levels

One thing that some people don’t realize about pressure tanks is that they have cut-off and cut-on levels that are important to pay attention to. If you aren’t mindful of these levels, you may be unable to take care of your water pressure levels in the ways you would like. The pressure switch you use will activate or increase the pressure in the tank as necessary. However, when the pressure in the tank hits certain levels, it will automatically cut off or cut on to increase or decrease the pressure as necessary. Thus, the tank should control the water pressure pretty effectively under normal circumstances, but it is possible that you may need to tweak this from time to time based on the specific results that you are getting. 

Maintaining a stable water pressure that is useful for you is important, and the best way to make it happen is to look at those cut-off and cut-on levels and see if they are currently meeting your needs. If they are not, you may need to manually tweak some of your settings. 

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