Is Drinking Well Water a Healthy Choice?

August 23, 2022

Many homes rely on a private well for their drinking water. Using a well is a great choice, and it helps families save a lot of money on utility costs each month. But, using well water for drinking has often been an issue of debate. Is well water safe to drink? In this quick guide, we will give you some important information concerning the health and safety of drinking and using well water.

Private Wells and the EPA

Private wells do not fall under the jurisdiction of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This means that the EPA will not regulate well water safety for consumption. Municipal water sources must comply with EPA guidelines on safety and testing. Because private wells do not come under EPA guidelines, it is the responsibility of each family owning a well to ensure that the water being used from their well is safe and healthy for their family.

Are Wells Safe?

In general, wells in the United States are considered to be safe. The US has some of the safest water supplies on the planet. However, sources of drinking water can still have issues in some instances. Many things can contribute to contamination. Remember, even naturally occurring substances can contaminate a well. For instance, arsenic is naturally occurring, but it is deadly. If pesticides are used in abundance in your area, this also could contaminate well water.

The best way to determine if a well is safe for drinking is to be vigilant in testing and well care.

Should I Boil Well Water?

If you are concerned about the safety of well water, and accurate testing has not been done on the water, one easy solution is to boil the water you intend to drink. Boiling water will kill bacteria, viruses, and in most cases, parasites.

Water should be heated to a full rolling boil. You should allow the water to continue to boil for one minute. The water can be stored in clean containers for later use. It should only be stored for three days at a time.

Although boiling water will remove viruses and bacteria, it cannot remove solid materials.

Is Well Water Safe To Drink?

The only way to know if drinking water from a private well is safe is to have the water properly tested. A water test can be conducted quickly. It will reveal anything in the water that you should be aware of.

Is Well Water Safe To Bathe In?

Even if you have not had your well water tested, most well water is safe to bathe in and use for other purposes. If your water has an odor or coloration, however, you should have the water properly tested before using.

Which Is Healthier Well Water or Tap Water?

Well water that has been properly tested and found to be safe is often far healthier to drink than tap water. The reason for this is that well water has not been treated with chemicals in the same way tap water has been. Well water also has a shorter distance to travel through pipes than tap water.

To ensure that well water is the absolute best, it is a good idea to also use a water purifier for your drinking water.

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