What Should I Know About Purchasing a Well Water Pump?

September 29, 2022

If you don’t have access to piped water, then you know how useful a well is to you. However, you need to have a reliable pump to ensure you have a constant water supply. Having a good pump also ensures that water pressure in every area of your home is at the right level. But how do you select a good pump? Below are some things you should know when choosing the right electric motor pump or any other pump for your home. 

How Do Well Pumps Work?

A well water pump pushes water into a storage tank from a well. Typically, these pumps fall into two categories, submersible or jet pumps. Submersible well pumps usually work from below the ground level to push water to the surface. Jet well pumps, on the other hand, operate from above the ground. Hand pumps and centrifugal pumps are also used, especially in homes with shallow wells. 

What To Consider When Purchasing a Well Water Pump

The Depth of Your Well

You need to consider the depth of your well when purchasing a pump. A shallow well jet pump will be suitable if the well is not more than 25 inches deep. A deep well jet pump is ideal for 25’-110 inches deep, while a submersible pump is suitable for 25-400 inches deep wells.

Type of the Pump

There are several types of pumps available. These include electrical pumps that use an electromechanical system for drawing water from a well. Other options include manual pumps, solar-powered pumps, and pneumatic and sump pumps. Each of these pumps has its pros and cons. For example, a hand pump can be used even when there is no electricity. However, you need to put in some physical work when operating them.

A solar-powered pump is environmentally friendly and highly reliable, especially in remote areas. Consider your needs and preference when choosing a well water pump. 

Size of the House

You need to determine the suitable well pump size you need, depending on the size of your house. Mostly, a 3- to 4-bedroom home needs a pump with 8-12 GPM (gallons per minute). Having a pump of the right size ensures that all rooms have a continuous water supply. 

An undersized well pump is not good as it could result in some rooms not having water, or they might pump water at low pressure. An oversized one is not good either, as it creates energy inefficiencies, leading to poor performance.

Apart from GPM, consider a pump’s horsepower (HP) too. If several appliances use water in your home, it’s advisable to get a pump with a high HP to ensure that water is at the desired pressure in all places. 

Features of the Water Pump

Consider the features a water pump has before purchasing. This is particularly important if you want a pump with advanced features. Most of the time, pump assemblies include impellers, motors, bearings, pump control switches, and internal pump check valves. You may consider other components such as a foot valve, check valve, and pressure switch. 

When buying a pump for your well, it’s crucial to consider some factors to ensure you get the right one. These include the depth of your well, size of the house, type of pump you prefer, and features of the pump.

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