What Are Some Groundwater Threats?

October 17, 2022

We often take the water we use every day for granted. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it doesn’t mean that everyone shouldn’t be aware of at least the most common groundwater threats.

The same water we drink, bathe, cook and clean with is generally safe due to many years of developing safe water systems. Those systems also include aspects such as groundwater monitoring and, on the largest scale, global groundwater quality assessment studies.

Groundwater sources continue to face many threats from the effects of agricultural intensification, urbanization, and population growth. Here is a look at those concerns and threats to our groundwater and what it means for us.

Agricultural Intensification

While many agricultural advancements have proven fruitful (forgive the pun), few gains come without a cost, and this case is no exception. What is technically referred to as anthropogenic contaminants, are the excess, remnants, and byproducts of these advancements. 

Reports and studies regarding global groundwater quality assessment have clearly stated these dangers. Contaminants such as iron, manganese, chromium, uranium, and radon, among others, are continual threats to our groundwater supply. 


Groundwater monitoring in urban areas is often a focal point of water treatment centers. Areas of urbanization have historically been predominantly centered around major cities. That often included many manufacturing operations, plants, and other sources of potential contamination.

While those threats still exist, the landscape is changing. Today, we see more people moving to suburban or even more rural areas. The need for groundwater testing for wells is also a greater necessity as a result.

Population Growth

As the world continues to grow in numbers, the number of threats to our groundwater supply inherently rises. In addition to the pollutants caused by civilization alone, the concern for groundwater threats correspondingly grows as the world population grows. 

Safe and Clean Groundwater

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