How Has the Drought Affected Well Water Supplies?

January 23, 2023

Knowing about droughts and how they might affect your well water if you have such a system at your home is crucial. Here is some information about how droughts affect water supplies and what you can do to improve the situation. 

Are Wells Starting To Go Dry?

This question does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. Whether wells run dry depends on several factors, such as an individual well’s placement. A well that is placed near the water table is one of the likeliest ones to dry up. This is because more water tends to get pumped out than the amount of water coming in. 

Other types of wells that might have issues are deep wells. These wells may be prone to drying if they have to deal with systematic droughts. These wells may cease to yield water. 

The Speediness of Recovery 

It’s difficult to tell exactly how long it will take for a well to recover once a drought hits. Some wells can recover shortly after the last rainfall hits, while others might take several rainfalls to recover from the situation. The local groundwater water setting plays a difference as well. Thus, you will need to check it so you don’t experience a declining groundwater level. 

What To Do if Your Well Suffers Problems Because of the Drought

If you experience issues with your well because of the drought, you have several options. You can deepen your well. That might help, but it isn’t guaranteed that you will receive more water. Another option is to recondition or redevelop your well. You may also want to consider using the hydrofracturing process. Hydrofracturing uses highly pressurized water to open up the surrounding rock. The result should be increased water flow. 

How To Get Help With Your Well

You will need assistance if you want to deepen or recondition your well. The good news is that plenty of drilling contractors can help you get your well set up to the best of your advantage. You should be able to get a significant amount of water and not have to suffer any losses if you hire respectable contractors to do the work for you. 

Now you know how droughts affect well water. You must take all the precautionary methods you can to avoid having your well run dry. That way, you will have the best chance of keeping a decent flow. 

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