How To Keep Your Well Water Healthy and Safe?

March 21, 2023

If you are like hundreds of other homeowners, your main water source probably comes from a well. However, this pretty much means that you should have your well water tested regularly to ensure that it is safe for you and your family to drink. This guide will provide useful information to ensure that your well water is clean and safe for your entire household.

Tips for Keeping Your Well Water Safe

It is critical that you have your well water tested even if your water tastes or looks normal. This doesn’t necessarily mean that bacteria or parasites aren’t present. The purity of well water can be affected by many contaminants, such as:

  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Copper, radon, and arsenic
  • Heavy metals from mining
  • Sewers or septic systems that are poorly manufactured

Underground water is not 100% clean, so you must put safety measures in place to treat well water. This ensures that your water is safe to cook with and drink.

Water Filters

A good water treatment system is critical if well water is your main source of water. Water filters are just one of the ways you can eliminate contaminants from your water. Well water requires you to implement a robust water filtration system. It must be stronger than households that do not use well water. This is because well water can leak many contaminants into the soil and your water system.

Water filters utilize chemical and physical filtration to eliminate harmful chemicals from well water. The water from the well will be pushed through physical filtration to eliminate any contaminants in the water.

Water Softeners

Water softeners are mainly used to turn hard water into soft water. Hard water is typically seen in places with minimal rainfall, hot weather, or soil with a high content of minerals. If you see white deposits inside your dishwasher and dishes, it is a strong indicator that you have hard water.

Hard water consists of magnesium and calcium, which cause a build-up of lime on your appliances and pipes. You may also notice white spots on your glasses and dishes and may even have dry skin. Hard water deposit build-up can also clog pipes and change how your water tastes.

Water softeners are excellent because they can filtrate the water from your well using a resonated media. Resonated media eliminate magnesium, calcium, and some iron from your well water to make it soft.

UV Light Disinfecting

UV light is a disinfectant that can kill microorganisms. UV light can now be used to disinfect your well water. UV light works to disinfect well water by killing off the microorganisms present in the well water once exposed to the UV light. It prevents them from reproducing. The lamp on the UV light constructs energy that is used to kill off any microorganisms living in the water, such as viruses, fungi, and algae.

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