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What You Should Never Do to Your Water Well

October 7, 2020

Unlike homeowners who are connected to the city water system, people with water wells can’t rely on city officials to take care of all their drinking water needs. These homeowners need to know how to properly care for their well and how to avoid issues with water well in Columbia, TN. Continue reading to learn a few of the things you shouldn’t do when it comes to your well water system: Install near contaminants: Proper water well ownership starts on day one when you install your well. Make sure that your well is at least 100 feet from any contaminants,... View Article

Tips on Preventing Your Well from Freezing

September 23, 2020

Winter weather will be here before we know it, and that means it’s time to start preparing your home for the freezing temperatures. One of the biggest worries homeowners often have during the winter months is having their well freeze and losing access to running water in Columbia, TN. With this in mind, one of the top questions we get is, “Can you prevent your well from freezing?” Luckily, you can if you follow the tips below: Insulate the pipes: Since the well pump is located below ground, it’s typically safe from freezing temperatures. Your pipes, however, are not. To... View Article

How Is Well Water Heated?

August 10, 2020

One of the common questions we receive from our clients is, “How is well water heated?” The simple answer here is that it’s heated in the same way as municipal water—it comes into your home and passes through your water heater before getting sent to the tap you’ve opened up. The water does not get heated within the well itself—any water that gets pulled from the well will be cool before it gets heated up in your water heater. How do water heaters work? The better question, then, is not to ask how to heat well water in Columbia, TN,... View Article

Can Your Well Freeze in the Winter?

July 3, 2020

One question we commonly hear from our clients is if there is any risk of well water freezing during the coldest parts of winter in Columbia, TN. This phenomenon is uncommon—generally, well water is protected from freezing because it’s located deep enough underground that it’s not going to be exposed or vulnerable to the freezing conditions on the surface. The wells are dug below the frost line, which is the point at which the ground could potentially freeze during cold weather, meaning any problems you encounter will arise as the water gets closer to the surface. Generally speaking, water flow... View Article

What Types of Water Wells Are There?

June 19, 2020

If your Columbia, TN property is not connected to the municipal water grid, then you likely have your own private well from which you draw water. There are several different kinds of private water wells, which are as follows: Drilled wells: These wells are created with the use of rotary drilling or percussion machines. Drilled wells can extend thousands of feet deep, and need casing installed to keep them in good condition. These wells have a low risk of contamination, largely due to this casing and their extreme depth. Driven wells: These wells are created by driving pipes into the... View Article

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