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Understanding Iron Bacteria in Your Well System

September 15, 2016

Having iron bacteria in your water and well systems in Columbia, TN sounds a lot worse than it actually is. However, it’s still gross and needs to be monitored closely to prevent bad tasting water, and damage to your clothes, sinks and toilets. What is iron bacteria? Iron bacteria is bacteria that naturally occur in shallow groundwater and surface water. The bacteria combine iron and oxygen in the soil to form rusty looking deposits of bacteria along with a slimy material that sticks to your plumbing. How do I spot it? There are several pretty obvious signs that you have... View Article

How Does Your Water Pump Installation in Columbia, TN Actually Work?

September 1, 2016

We’ve grown up just turning the knob on our showers and sinks to get hot or cold water flowing through our pipes almost immediately. That’s the luxury of living in a society that (for the most part) has running water available to anyone who wants it. However, unless you’re familiar with a water pump installation in Columbia, TN, you’re probably unaware that it takes quite a bit of technology to get that water from your well up into your house. What is a water pump? After a well is drilled a pump is installed in the well that will effectively... View Article

Contaminants That Justify Water Filtration in Columbia, TN

August 15, 2016

Water filtration helps improve well water. If you have a well, you may notice your water tastes slightly funky, or your guests may be unnerved after seeing sediment float around in it. In rare cases, the water may cause stomach upset due to minerals and bacteria. When you discover any of these conditions, water filtration in Columbia, TN is your best solution. Here are some of the conditions it can remove: That funky taste: A common complaint is odd metallic taste. Also, water can smell strongly of chlorine or particular minerals. The granular activated chlorine in water filters can neutralize... View Article

Preparing for Installation of Water Well Systems in Columbia, TN

August 1, 2016

Water well systems are frequently required on rural properties. When installation day arrives, you are in for a long day of disruption. Fortunately, there are steps you can complete before that day to make construction easier on everybody and save money in the long run. Here is what you should do to prepare for the installation of water well systems in Columbia, TN: Make sure permits are in order: Depending on your system demands, you may require a permit. If you hire a contractor to perform this work, find someone knowledgeable who will not skip this vital requirement. Ask about... View Article

Preventing the Need for Water Pump Repair in Columbia, TN

July 15, 2016

Many homeowners fail to perform preventative maintenance on their well pumps. This often leads to expensive water pump repair in Columbia, TN, and even a lack of access to needed water for hours, if not days. There are steps you can take as a homeowner to keep your pump functioning and decrease the chance of an emergency. Here are five maintenance tips you should consider for the long-term functioning of your pump: Arrange for mechanical inspections: Your well pump professionals cannot help you if you do not call them. Every year, call one of us to inspect your water pump.... View Article

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June 1, 2020 Steve Hill
"Todd was prompt and provided professional service. I had my well pump replaced along with other plumbing in my well house. He knows what h..."
June 1, 2020 Steve Hill
"Professional service and on time. I had my well pump replaced along with pipes in my well house. I had purchased ased Everything went grea..."
September 30, 2019 Reggie Smith
"Todd came out to our HOUSE to fix our well pump and he did a good job and was very nice and if I ever need more work done on our well pump ..."
September 30, 2019 Reggie
"our well pump went out and Todd came and fixed it replaced our pump so we could have running water we are so pleased with this work I would ..."
May 13, 2019 Jaime Haney
"When my water shut off completely, Todd answered my call and was at my house CRAZY early in the morning to get me up and running.. I would r..."
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