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How to Safely Remove and Handle a Broken Electric Pump

December 13, 2017

The holidays are upon us again. And just as that means more time with family, and spreading a little more goodwill and cheer than we usually do, it also means stress, so much planning and, unfortunately, unforeseen problems popping up out of nowhere to derail those plans. It happens almost every year. We’ve put together this little guide, so that if you run into problems with your well water pump this holiday season, you’ll know what to do. After all, problem with your water when you’ve got company in town is just unacceptable! Some notes on your electric pump on... View Article

What Is the Difference Between a Mechanical Pump and an Electric Pump?

November 29, 2017

There’s little doubt that there’s a modern trend away from mechanical solutions and toward electrical and digital solutions. However, both mechanical and electrical pumps are fine options, and as with anything, they both have their unique strengths and shortcomings. Pump systems are used in a variety of engines, motors, plumbing pumps and cooling systems, but they work similarly. They create a vacuum to pump liquid—water, gas or coolant—from one place to another. In this post, put together by your local experts in electric motor and water pump repair in Columbia, TN, we’ll describe how mechanical and electric pumps work and... View Article

Safety Tips for Working on Electric Motors

November 10, 2017

Many types of electric motor repair in Columbia, TN offer DIY opportunities. If you are feeling handy (or want to learn to be more so), you can dig into a project with the right tools and instructions. However, your first priority should be safety. Before starting on any electric motor repair in Columbia, TN, take the proper safety precautions. Following are a few of the top concerns to consider before diving into your project. Skipping these procedures can lead to injury, fire and electric shock: Work area prep: Do you have a proper workspace to complete your electric motor repair... View Article

Post-Flood Electrical Safety Tips from Your Source for Well Pump Repair in Columbia, TN

October 27, 2017

Your basement is a lake. Your first instinct is to rush in and salvage as much as possible. Don’t do it! This is extremely dangerous. Before you plunge into the waters, consider these safety tips from your providers of well pump repair in Columbia, TN. Following these steps will keep you and your property safe both during the flooding and after cleanup is complete. Wait for the all-clear If your basement is flood-damaged or filled with water, do not enter. A licensed electrician, the fire department or the utility company must first remove your home’s electrical meter from its socket.... View Article

Keep Your Water Well Free from Contaminants: Advice from a Provider of Water Well Systems in Columbia, TN

October 16, 2017

If the water from your well somehow becomes contaminated, this quickly becomes an emergency situation for you, your family or your customers. To help ensure that your water does not become contaminated, follow the steps below. Then, if you have additional questions or require service or repair, you can contact a provider of services for water well systems in Columbia, TN. If you do not already do so, be sure to mark a date in your calendar or other records to inspect your water well once per year. As part of this annual inspection, you’ll want to perform the following... View Article

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